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OtoAccess® is our cutting-edge integration solution that covers all integration needs and clinic sizes. It offers simple patient data management, integration with suites as well as integration with EMR and EHR systems.
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Clinicians often face busy work days and strict time constraints. OtoAccess® ADI is an interface that enables easy integration with software suites and instruments. With this solution, EMR and EHR vendors can cater to the integration needs of their customers.

The OtoAccess® integration package is compatible with EMR and EHR systems and supports HL7. The package provides versatile and reliable integration, enabling uncomplicated workflows for clinicians.

OtoAccess® Database is a system for the handling of patient data. The database provides a solution, which makes the storage of patient demographics and test results straightforward. In addition, gathered data can safely be distributed among clinicians belonging to the same clinic or among several networked facilities.

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